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Monday, April 9, 2012

Lion Country Safari...

 We woke up bright and early and headed out to Lion Country Safari.  Its about an hour's drive north of us.  Basically, its a zoo that you drive through.   Animals can come right up to the car.   I had not been there since about 1970 or so.   Boy have things changed since then.   The biggest change is that the lions are now behind a fence and can not go up to a car.   Back in my day, they could.   I'll have to search westlaw using the name of the park to find the court case that brought about the fence.  I feel certain that there will be one. 
 Since the speed limit in the park is no faster than 8 mph, I let T out of her booster seat and come up to the front seat for the first time ever.   She was thrilled.   She has a whole lot more pictures of all the other animals.  I may post them separately, for posterity.   All the pics in this post were taken my me.
 My favorite animals were the zebras...

 Followed by the Girafes...
 Even better from in my day, is that there is a second whole half of the part.   In my day there was just the drive through zoo.  Now there is a whole little theme park that goes with the deal.
 There were lots of pretty flowers everywhere.   Here's my little flower posing in her cute outfit...
 Note to self....don't purchase T a chocolate ice cream with chocolate hard-shell sauce when she's wearing white capri leggings.   Duh!

Luckily, I can crop the pants right out of the picture!
 The highlight of the park was the fact that it contained a waterpark.  We came prepared with our suits and T had lots of fun running around and cooling off from the heat.

 Wait for it...wait for it.....BAM!

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You are having too much fun without me!

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