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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Still Surviving

T and I are still surviving. T is doing great. Me? Not so much. I apparently suffered a sleeping injury a few weeks ago. First noticed it the first weekend in October. Woke up with a pain in my neck. Figured it would go away in a few days. It didn't. Just getting worse.

I think that a disc in my neck is out of whack, and is pinching a nerve.

I'm popping advil and the occasional leftover pain pill like a mad woman. Pain is in my neck, shoulder, and often goes down my are to my hands, with occasional tingling sensations. The worst part of is all, is that there is no "sweet spot". That position that you get in, that makes all the pain go away. Occasionally it lessens, but it doesn't leave.

Unfortunately, getting an appointment with the prima donna orthopedist doctors is as easy as finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. My appointment is not until Nov. 1. Supposedly, I'm on a list to be called if someone cancels, but so for no word. I am, though, going to call on tuesday and try and get moved up. We shall see.

Meanwhile, my mom still is doing OK and my dad remains in the rehab hospital. No word on how much longer he shall remain there.

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A marvelous plan was made in the stars,
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Then entwine and weave all the hopes and labor,
it would take to bring us this joy called "Taylor"....
Now three lives are blessed and somewhere in the stars,
the planners are smiling, as we all are.

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