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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Camp Show

Tonight was the end of year camp show. and what a show it was! We used all kids of gel and spray, to get T's hair to stay in a bun. Dot worked very hard on it and did agreat job.

A friend lent us the red shirt and skirt you see here. T wore this for the modeling portion of the show. Then, changed into a black leotard with that same skirt for the dancing. The bun was required for the flamenco portion of the show.
Before heading out to the show, we paused for a few pics. T was particularly thrilled with getting to wear mama's hoop earrings and necklace. The camp suggested that all the little girls really do it up with the accessories. But for the fact that we were afraid her hair would come down, she would have been sporting a hat as well.
Here's T in one of the dance numbers. For some reason I can no longer download my videos from my camera. Not sure why. If I ever figure it out, I'll post the dance and cheerleading numbers.

....and speaking of cheerleading. Everyone in the camp calls her the captain, and she won the "Top of the Pyramid" award for being the best cheerleader in the camp!

Go T!

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