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Monday, August 8, 2011

When it Rains, it pours

...especially inside my van!

Since we have my mom's car over here, we've been driving it occasionnally to keep the batteries up. We took off to a far away mall yesterday morning. And we returned in a torrential rainstorm. Tropical torrential rainstorm. the only kind of awful rainstorm you get in Florida and all regions south. Rain blowing sideways.

As I approach the house, I spy that the rear sliding door on the van (T's door) is OPEN. Yes, it was open. How it was left open, I'm not quite sure although I have my suspicions. T has a nasty habit of failing to close her door. Although in her defense, its possible that my finger hit the button to open it while handling my keys, although I think that unlikely.

Whereever the blame lies really is irrelevant at this point. I now have a fully soaked van. T's carseat? soaked. The cup holders on it? full of water. The front passenger seat? soaked. The cereal and chip remnants, the likes of which could feed a 3rd world family for a week? a soaked congealing mess.

I'm off today to take it to be thoroughly cleaned, then leave the windows open so that it can dry without creating mildew and mold. Can't park and leave the windows open at work, as some may know I work within 200 feet of the main county jail. I don't relish a recent releasee or one of the bevy of poor homeless souls that inhabit the area, taking advantage of my open windows.

Hopefully, it will dry out before the pm rains come today.

2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Aunt Connie said...

I can't believe it. The most unthinkable things happen at #1 and 123. Keeps you on your toes. xxooxx

Chinazhoumom said...

Let me just tell you - call your insurance company - and get it professionally cleaned - I had a car awhile back the sun roof leaked - and like that floorboard was full of water - I tried to get it dry - the smell out - park in sun et al - Nothing nada - they had to replace the seatbelts as they smelled (nice thought)So take my advice - just drop it off for a once over and good luck !

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