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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Big Transition

Poor T. In hindsight, I'm not sure that attending summer camp in the same classroom as first grade was such a good idea. Standards of conduct for camp are much looser than school.

Day 1: reprimanded for screaming like a banshee at the boys

Day 2: reprimanded for some type of pushing incident with Amanda

Day 3: T refused to talk about what happened in school, which clearly indicates that some type of incident did occur!

Day 4: reprimanded for classroom conduct, causing the teach to make Amanda (who sits in the middle next to T) switch seats with Rene (the other child in T's row), to separate the girls.

Boy, is first grade rough on a girl!

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Alice said...

The school sounds very structured and Taylor isn't . It will be a bit of adjustment . I taught first grade for 15 years and there's a big difference in the environment in first grade versus kindergarten. I'm sure Taylor is as frustrated as you are!

Anonymous said...

Okay, Carol. I have to say, it would probably be the same with or without the summer camp experience. You are blessed with a strong willed, confident child filled with self esteem. You must be doing something right. There will be more punishments to come, I am afraid to say, but nothing terrible. T will learn eventually. It is only first grade. Love to all. Kathie

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