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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Pogo-Stickin' Fool

Well, T got her summer vacation present a bit early this year. We went tearing off to toys r us this morning, and obtained her first-ever... POGO STICK!
Given the fact that Dot and I know from experience that she would probably never be able to do a "real" one yet, we found this one by fisher price, which has that nice big base on it. When she gets better at in...you can take it off and convert it to a real pogo stick.

I don't think T will be that adept at this, until she gains some weight. She could barely make the thing bounce.

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Wanda said...

Bounce or not - she sure looks adorable!

Anonymous said...


Wondering if 123 came tumbling down yesterday and if things were cool. Hope all is well.

I don't remember ever having a pogo stick but I was swift on stilts. Daddy made them - about 1-1/2 Ft. off ground.

Also, I had one peg leg he made when I fell thru the glass top of a chicken coop. I was climbing a mulberry tree in the backyard at 29th street, fell and cut my foot in 3-4 places. I haven't thought of that in many, many, years.

Good luck to T and hope she can soon bounce. See Ya......xox

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