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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Happy May Day, Everyone! Let's start with the highs: Today we went to a scene from our past: my old elementary school, where T's idol Sophie made her First Holy Communion. I got T a special dress for the occasion, and she looked beautiful, if I do say so myself. In this first picture, we were taking a break from the really, really long ceremony to get some snacks from the car. In all the excitement T refused breakfast and was hungry...and getting grumpy.

After the ceremony wherein Sophie looked like a princess and had the prettiest dress, in my opinion, we went to a party at a nearby club. T got to sit at a table with all of the big kids...and Nick...and was in her glory.
The highlight of the day, as far as T is concerned, is that the Hoffman girls, who are teenagers but look like models, took her under their wing. Their dad even got into the act, and he and T were dancing machines. She was having the time of her life. As my friends send me more an better pics taken with a real camera vs. my iphone, I'll post some more.
Meanwhile, things at 123 street are precarious. T and I were participaing in much needed retail therapy last night, when the call came in. Icoline asking me to come to the house b/c my dad was throwing her out. He is literally out of his mind and control. I was able to talk him down, and Ico remains there, but we had to spend the night there. I got NO sleep and am a walking zombie today.

I will be making appointments this week coming up to speak with a geriatric social worker and also an attorney, to find out what my options are for putting an end to the lunacy and legally taking control. That will be really ugly and I suspect will be occurring sooner than I ever thought.

Luckily when the call came in, we were making our last purchase, which was Sophie's gift. We had to wake up before 7:00 a.m. to leave for my house to get ready for the event, as our clothes were still at my house. Apparently after I left, my mom fell out of bed due to my idiot father. He is just so sick and doesn't evn know it. Sad.

So, after the ceremony, we returned to 123 street and Dot grocery shopped, then she and T went to her house for a little water therapy in her condo's pool. I'm home alone trolling the web, watching House, and catnapping. Dot goes away next week M - Th. I fully expect my dad will go off the deep end again, and the agnecy will be sending a replacement.

that's it for now...

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Connie said...

Headaches and heartaches. 123 is really pushing it. I have been afraid drastic measures would have to be taken and I can only hope and pray an amicable solution can be found. You both (2&1/2) have my undying support and love. xox

Wanda said...

Thinking about you. And hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

This has been so much stress on you and your sister for too long! I know it's easier said than done, but you need to take care of yourself. You'll know when the time is right to explore other options. But in the mesn time, take time out for you and enjoy your "T" time!

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. I know this is really hard for all of you.

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