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Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Baa-aack!

Ooops, I'm starting to get flack from my most loyal followers (Aunt Connie) about my lack of posting. Sorry all. I've just been really busy at work at the moment. To the point where I've gone in on the weekend, and may need to do it again on Sat or Sunday.

Meanwhile, can anybody else see the pics attached to the last couple of posts? I can not, and have no idea why this is happening. Last post w pics that I can see was from new years eve. I don't think this is boding too well for 2012.

Tomorrow, we will be lurking around our local publix, pushing GS cookies again. then haircutting to follow. All is relatively quiet at my parents' house, and my dad is taking his meds. Big sigh of relief there.

I'll try and post a pic from last weekend, when we were selling cookies for the first time this year. Let's see if anyone can see it.

3 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

alice said...

Yes! I can see the cookie pic! Good luck with cookie sales!

Aunt Connie said...

Didn't mean to be pushy but I miss your postings. Put'em away, Honey, your hard work will show'em. Happy to know all is OK down South. xox

Laura said...

We've missed you! And no, I could not see the last couple of posts. Love the cookie selling pic. And happy haircutting. Sara has a recent tendency to cut her own. Sigh.

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