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Sunday, December 11, 2011

2011 Breakfast w/Santa Snow Fun

Saturday was the annual breakfast with Santa at T's school. It also includes a DJ blasting fun holiday songs, Santa driven in on a Firetruck by hot firemen and paramedics, and the big hit....snow.

This year they got smart, and had two big mounds of snow for the kids to play in. Here's a few pictures of T whooping it up in the snow. Of course, it all degenerated into a big snowball fight that went on for about an hour or two, until finally someone tried to put a stop to it. Unsuccessfully.

If you look closely, you might spot T's love Daniel. Who can guess which one he is?

On the homefront, my mom has bounced back fabulously with my dad home. Its truly a miracle. She is off crisis care and back to her old self. Still a sick lady, but better.

Knock on wood, buy my dad is basically cooperating at the moment. Taking his meds, and has not tried to go out driving (I have his keys). But he hasn't even tried. So far, so good.
Tomorrow, T has a field trip with her school. They are all going by schoolbus to see the play Annie. She is very excited. While she went on field trips with summer camp, this is her firstschool event.

We then have a girl scout meeting tomorrow evening. I've cleaned out my cabinets of canned food to donate to the poor. We'll get a patch for that!

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Aunt Connie said...

Looks like the kids had a great time. So happy things are going so well. I'll knock on wood and keep my fingers crossed. xox

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