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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Fat Trouble

No, not with my parents. T is the one who is in it. What was I doing last night between 11:00 p.m. and midnight?

I was in T's room on the rug, searching for stick pins.

T got ahold of some sewing items and was playing with them in her room. Probably since I was sewing this past weekend on the vest. anyway, when I realize she's still up, I go in to make her go to bed, and she's laying in bed playing nintendo. Strike #1. I walk around the room picking up misc. things and she continues to play. Strike #2. Only after I find a bunch of stick pins in her shag carpet, does she mention that I should watch out b/c there were some more behind me. Strike #3. SHE'S OUT.

She is unplugged til friday. No computer, no nintendo, no phone games, and no TV. she's in trouble not for dropping them, but for failing to come and get me and report it. She knows how dangerous pins are in the carpet, but said nothing. Purposely. Just ignored me as she played nintendo, while I walked around the room.

Has anyone ever tried to find stick pins in a shag carpet? Its like trying to find them in grass. I pick up like 20 and thought I was done. then I had the bright idea to use a hairbrush to brush the carpet. That worked like a charm. About 30 more pins were found.

I now think that we've gotten them all However, I'm in search of a strong magnet to use, just to make sure.

gotta go, I have a date with Glee!

2 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Dorothy said...

How about the vacuum?

Carol and Taylor said...

Vacuums don't work so well with shag...

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