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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Strange Happenings

Today was such an odd day. As some of you know, every day I go on a "pill run", work allowing. I usually pick up something to eat for my dad, take it to the house, make him take his meds, fix his TV, throw out fraudulent sweepstake mail, then return to work. I do this everyday that I can. Often, I'll take someone with me to avoid his screaming sessions about his objections to the guardianship we got on my mom.

Anyway, often I'll pick up something at a Wendy's drive through. While going there, I pass by a restaurant called Jimmys, that says on the window that they deliver for free. Its the old Lattas rest on NW 7 Ave near their house. I've been meaning to stop in, to pick up a menu for a couple weeks. They serve total diner-fare. Anyway, for the first time in probably 40 years, I stopped in. It was later than usual, around 2:00 p.m. And who do I notice sitting inside?

My dad.

He hasn't been there in years either, yet there we both were. He had just ordered when I got there. When I asked what, he said a burger for him and a steak to take home to my mom. I had to remind him that she's in the nursing home. I gestured to the waitress to cancel that order. By the time we had finished, he had forgotten that he had ordered it. Anyway, we have lunch, then go back to his house, where I gave him his meds.

While there, the mailman arrived with a certified letter from the attorney on the guardianship. My dad asks what it is, and I say "don't yell". Its a motion in the guradianship to make sure that when mom dies, the money is immediately transferred back to you, to avoid probate. He says that he doesn't like that guardianship stuff, to which I reply that I know, but we did it to protect mom. His response?

Well, I'm all for anything to protect your mother.

That was the last that was said on the subject.

Ahh.... Shades of my old dad coming through. He's always been the most generous man I know. And kind. Would do ANYTHING for my mom, my sis, or me. I guess that's why its so upsetting when he goes off the deep end. I hate this disease. I just have to guard against thinking that controversy over this is over, as when I least expect it, he's going to wig out again. I know this. Sigh.

But, it was really nice to have my dad back, at least for today. I'll take what I can get.

As I said, strange happenings...

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Connie said...

Strange but wonderful happenings this Tuesday. Brought tears to these old eyes that Dottie helped renovate. I have high hopes for more good things to happen....... xox

Dorothy said...

I'm sorry I missed it but grateful you could experience him as he once was.

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