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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Exercise Bike

No, despite what everyone might think, this is not a picture of my wildly expensive coat hanger. Its my new exercise bike! Delivered today. I'll be using it in the next couple days, after my back gets a bit better. I'm very excited about it.

Back in the day...some 20 years so so ago when I used to actually workout was was quite a bit skinnier, I used to love the exercise bike at the gym. My fav. Hopefully, it will get me into a bit better shape. Can't hurt, right?

We had a very quiet weekend, and just did our usual. Visited the parents (luckily with no drama), dodged raindrops, trolled Target, and generally relaxed hoping my back would heal.

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Laura said...

Nice! I always loved the bikes at the gym too! Good luck!

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