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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Teacher Work Day

Today was a teacher work day.   As I posted on facebook today, 30 to 40 years later and I still LOVE teacher work days!   The beach was packed with what looked like high school students. 

Now, I consider myself slightly liberal.  (Many others consider me a left-wing commando, flaming liberal).  I confess I don't mind that description at all.  Anyway, even me with my live and let live attitude was slightly shocked  with all of the tatoos, body piercings, and butt cheeks hanging out of microscopic bikini bottoms that were intentionally designed not to cover anything.  And these were young, normal girls who were acting totally appropriately.  They in no way acted as if they were skanks in search of a pole.

Good lord have times changed. 

Anyway, sweet T had a fine time playing in the surf.  We then had lunch and returned home.  Dot stayed home cooking, as we had friends over for a small dinner party.

Of course, true to form with my crazy sister, disaster struck.  Remember her greasy hands pulling the cord out of the socket, slipping and hitting the underside of the cabinet and requiring stitches on thanksgiving day a few years ago? 

Well, this time her greasy hands dropped a big bottle of Baileys.

It shattered and baileys went everywhere...along with glass.  Of course what made it worse, is that she was mopping it up  and slipped on the slick tile, fell down, and bruised her knee.   Its all swollen and looks like it will be bruising with all colors of the rainbow.   She doesn't think its broken, and can move it well.

Of course, the final result of the desserts was delish, even without the baileys.   We had a rum cake, fresh fruit, and a pecan pie.   The sports bottle/sippy cup you see on the table was filled with some maple boubon sauce stuff, courtesy of the pioneer woman.  Slather that stuff on all of it and you will no longer wish for whip creme.  Its just that good.

So the house is back in order, and we will probably be having a slow weekend.

5 Brilliant Comment(s) from Friends:

Carol and Taylor said...

again, no photos. I wonder if typing text messes them up. I'll try and delete them and add them again later today. Damn.

Carol and Taylor said...

OK. now this is bizarre. When I go straight to the blog, or refresh it, I can't see the photos. However, if I click on the comments, then hit the little arrow button at the top left corner of the computer to go back a page, I can see the photos.

this happening to anyone else?

Aunt Connie said...

Nope - it doesn't work for me -no picture. So sorry about Dott's accident. Hope all is better today but if she needs me to I can take her to the doctor. I owe her.
Saw the beach and T picture on Facebook. Nice.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't work for me either. Poor Dottie! I hope her knee is better soon!


Anonymous said...

Still no pictures. xox

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